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It had been three weeks since my boss called me and said sentences full of high words, which I had simplified as Carla, you are transferred.

The one I liked the most in here was its central park.

“Young lady, you have to be careful.”

At my fourth visit, an elder approached me. As all benches were occupied and I was a greedy person who claimed a whole bench for herself, it only meant one thing. I shuffled aside and offered him to sit. He gratefully accepted it.

“There is a tale passed from generation to generation.”

Long story short, I regretted my oh-so-good intention. As the reciprocation, he narrated me a good yet full of bullshit tale.

“Don’t go to the south area of this park – no matter what happens.”

I remembered saying thank you, sir while inwardly snorting.

One time, when I stayed in the park too late for me to trail back by the usual route, I decided to take a shortcut.

My mother warned me not to underestimate something and now I understood why.

Uh, I don’t know what I’ve done. Really. Words are 178 because I can’t cut it any longer arghhh I’m soooo sorry. Anyway, this is for flash fiction for aspiring writers. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Don’t

  1. Nice story! I had to laugh out loud at this sentence, “I remembered saying thank you, sir while inwardly snorting.” Hahaha! Great line! Good ending, “My mother warned ME not to under estimate something and now I understood why.”

    Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW)! We are happy you have joined us in this challenge and hope you have fun and want to continue participating!

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