about me

i go by the name of fleur. my real name’s french, but i’m not. i guess fleur will have to make it though, i’m not going to tell it – at least not this day.

actually i have no purpose in here – oh wait, spending leisure time is counted as purpose, then it is. generally i write about fiction, sometimes it’s about rant – as this is the only blog i have – and poetry. all my works i categorize as failure, though i think some of it are good enough for my already high standard.

i’m not a fan of a good capitalization, i always stick to lowercase. no reason, but it makes me comfortable.

something about my real life… let’s see, i like chocolate, holiday, and fanfiction. what i dislike is homework. my dream is to be a “person”. i also like studying new language. so far i have learnt about russian and french. ha. being born in a country which has a lot of languages, so (cough cough) i know some. mainly native languages, but i’m not fluent enough.

physics isn’t my forte. so are math and chemistry. guess i’m suicidal enough to choose science to social, because in four branches of science, i only like biology.

once i joined writing workshop, and the lecturer asked us – the participants, what’s your purpose to write? i was naïve at that moment so i didn’t think a lot of it. now that question was asked to me once again, and i began to think seriously. and here is your answer: i write to be remembered.

there’s no one i tell about this blog, heck, maybe my friends don’t know my part-time job here. i’m quite content with it because there’s a fine line between reality and imagination and i don’t want anyone to cross that. at least not now.

anyway, if anyone wonders where i am usually: livejournal.


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