the first sign is tachycardia, the doctor said.
(your heart pounds like there is no tomorrow.
no, no, no, you are strong, you are able to do this—)

then the dyspnea happens.
(the oxygen will not vanish, dear.
remember, inhale slowly, exhale, inhale—)

“after that, you’ll have hypocapnia.”
(give up.)

as soon as someone raps the door frantically, your body loses its balance.
(the feet says good bye and the head says hello to the ground.)

[1] tachycardia: an increased heart rate (a heart rate that exceeds the normal resting rate)
[2] dyspnea: shortness of breath (breathlessness)
[3] hypocapnia: the result of dyspnea, known as hyperventilation.
[4] the signs of panic attack.

( for poetry 101 rehab. i didn’t participate last week challenge. shame, it was a good prompt. )